Why is society not that accepting??

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I had an interesting day today after going to two libraries to look for cool publishing books, and writing books. I did not find any conceal carry books either at the library. That sucked, but online they have it. I also learned how to deal with situations like what to do if you get pulled over, and you have a gun in the car. I had a few questions to a few people about superheroes, and talked to them about Hit Girl in Kick Ass like if she tried to do that in real life would she get caught? It turned out a yes, but apparently I am now labeled as “Crazy” just because I asked a few serious questions about the things that would happen if the superhero world was real. I did not know society frowns about that, and asking questions in that area. What happened to imagination these days? Or is it once you get older you lose that what if thing, and you just live in the real world. I guess that is what I get for asking a perfectly reasonable question in my opinion, and I end up getting labeled as crazy for being a writer. Oh well not to self do not ask people those questions.  

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