The Southern women’s convention and fun..

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Today, I had fun at the Southern womens show. It had all kinds of vendors there, and there were samples galore I wound up with a whole bag of goodies as well. It made being a woman a very good thing to be there were make-up booths, food ones, jewelry, clothes, hair booths too. It was at the sme place where the galactic beadshow was.
I went to Feathernesters for lunch which was a unique place to dine at. Once you go in the store you think is this a restaurant or an antique shop because that is all you see. The farther you go in the more you realize it is a restaurant the menu is very simple, but tasty and good. The place is in Lakeview richmond.
I explored the area and found a consignment place and a store called Memory Records where you can find actual vinyl records. There was even a place called Umami tea and coffee shop in the are which had a wide collection of teas and coffees. Overall it was a good day exploring and trying foods.

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