To all the Short People out there…

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      I am only 4”8 which is not that tall to some people. To most people I look like a child. I am not complaining though being short has its advantages. I thought that I was too weak at one point. I thought that it was easy for a taller person to easily hurt me, and that I was too weak to do real damage. That is not the case though.
       You see I can easily hide under a table, locker, or a small space that taller people will have trouble getting towhich is a good advantage. Plus, aiming for the knee caps of taller people is very easy, and putting them in a headlock is easy if you get picked up by a taller person, and can get to their throat without them pushing you off.
        I also target shoot in my spare time, and that is my way of leveling the playing field if you will. I have learned to utilize my surroundings, and finding  objects to stand on if I cannot reach the object I am trying to get. Having a boyfriend that is 6”3 helps me to reach things that I  normally cannot get down unless I stand on something. I have to sit on things when I am driving, so I can see over the steering wheel. I would not have it any other way though because that is who I am. People have called me a midget, troll, gremlin, short, and little.
        I used to let it get to me, but I do not anymore. I had to take shots as a child because my growth hormone stopped working. Me being short is not my fault either because it is genetics, and then I stopped taking the shots because it just was not worth it to go through the pain in order to be taller. It is not worth it trying to be someone that I am not. If it was not for the shots I would be 4”2, and now I laugh whenever someone confuses me for a child. You cannot change who you are, and you should not have to either. Being short is more good then bad, and I honestly would take being short rather then being tall. 

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