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Blog post 1 redone
    This morning I woke up as if it was any other day. I even planned on doing my homework for my classes. I also planned on playing video games, and reading.  I got a call from my friend Angela who I have not seen in months considering we go to different schools. She wanted me to go to the Richmond Comic convention. After some texting, and talking about the details I went to her house. I was happy I did not get lost on the way there because the roads are twisty and have sharp turns. The slightest mistake, and I might end up in a ditch.
I got there, and said hi to her horses I was disappointed I did not get to play with them.  I met her feral cat, and I found Angela outside doing chores. I talked to her Dad in the mean time telling him about my schooling while I waited for her to get done.
A half an hour later we left stopped at Wawa to get a few drinks, and then we were on our way to the convention. We get there after 30 minutes the convention was in Richmond at the Ramada hotel. It was cool the moment I stepped inside the convention halls. People were dressed up as super heroes, and there was even an anime convention going on at the same time.
After I paid for the door fee I stepped into comic book heaven, and to some people it was.  There were comic books all over the place, artists, action figures, sculptures, and all kinds of comic related goodies. There were comics there for a dollar, and some were 50 cents.
We went to the panel where five comic artists were answering questions that gave me insight into the graphic novel or comic book publishing world. It was cool listening to them, and hearing their stories of how they started out. 
Afterward we were looking at all the booths, and the drawings were good as well the artists are very talented there. I thought things were cool until I saw Fangoria magazine there, and my dad gets it all the time. I talked to an editor there, and I am thinking to myself I might want to work for them one day. That is the reason why I am writing this blog, and starting one up. I want to get out there, and make a name for myself. I got the editors card, and I am going to contact her to show her my work. I have to get work done, so I hoped you liked an insight into my world.
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