One of the best Places for Wings!

One of the best places for wings was I really enjoyed the garlic and lemon pepper wings at Wing Command. I don’t know how they do it but they manage to bring flavors to a whole new level. First you feast with your eyes and the crispy texture and the smells make my mouth water. When I take a bite the first thing I taste is the garlic and then another layer of pepper all before you bite into the flesh of the wing itself. Then you feel it in your soul after the first bite leads it you through the three wings and onto the lemon pepper wings. The lemon is like a burst of citrus on the tongue as if you’ve bitten into a crispy fried piece of fruit. Then the pepper brings in the heat that’s mixed with a hint of sweet. When you get the first bite down you’re already through those 3 wings and ordering more. The next thing is the onion rings. They’re hand battered and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The onions are thick and sweet giving that vidilia sweet onion a center stage to the crispy outer layer. I would suggest everyone try wing command for all your wing cravings.

Why I’m deleting my Facebook Page!

Trolls are yet again leaving nasty comments on my Facebook page this time and honestly I’m tired. I don’t have time to deal with people who can’t let go of the past. They keep trying to get my attention by being rude and trying to criticize me and my books and quit frankly I’m done. I know the person responsible for it and they are just bitter I won’t gift a certain streamer sub’s. He tried to manipulate me so I left yet I’m the one being blamed and I have the screenshots to prove it. Some people are bitter human beings who can’t let go of the past and it shows. It also shows how much better I’m doing with my life since I’m not trying to go out of my way to destroy people. It is a joke really. They don’t have power over me and by laughing out thank god I left cause I’m way happier without them in my life. I don’t need clout and I’m a better friend then they were. But I don’t let it get me down I’m just trying to shut off everything so they can just stew in their own bitterness. Sad really.

Why I Turned my Comments off!

I hate writing these but I have to say something to clear the air. My website was sent nasty comments by people saying I should stop writing and that I suck. And this and that they even went on like 3 paragraphs on everything I was bad at but honestly it doesn’t matter. The person or person’s behind it were people mad I left a certain group due to THEM being toxic not me. I deleted the comments on my blog so they took it to Twitter and I saw some bs so I deleted it cause honestly I don’t care. And then they did it again so I reported them and blocked another. I turned off comments here so they cannot say anything and even made my Tweets protected on Twitter and even closed my DMs. Like it is sad how they were trying to say I sucked and insulted me. Like I left the drama last year. None of it matters so I don’t know why they don’t wanna just move on. They claimed I was bitter yet they are acting that way. They said the friendship was one sided and they even asked if I bought friends which I didn’t. I’ve found people better then they are, and the streamer is so bitter even though I gifted like 526 sub’s to his channel. Like really? I left for a reason due to them treating me bad yet they tried to turn it on me instead of letting it go. Like I have a lot of plans and I don’t need their toxicity. I want to be left alone so I closed every way possible to show they don’t matter. They are not even grown ups and they act like children by getting fake accounts to bully me. The streamer said I was abusive for leaving yet here some of them are trying to be that way towards me. But honestly none of it matters. I’ll never let people stop me from writing books either. I don’t listen to people whose opinions don’t matter. People let this be a lesson to not let people bully you. I’ve found some amazing friends since then and people who treat me way better then I ever have been. Like I’ve never been happier. I’ll be doing more book reviews and even review some of the games I love to play the most. I love the fact I have awesome people as friends. And this drama is nothing cause I’ll still survive without them and I’m happier without their toxicity. Writers will always have people leaving bad reviews or other stuff. I wanted to make the post to clarify why I’m turning off posts for now especially when people attack you who have too much time on their hands. 2022 will be awesome! Love, Jess

Writing updates and life! 2021 recap and 2022 what is ahead!

It has been a while since I’ve posted and update I’m currently working on My Vampire Savior and the last AngeWitch book after. Last year was a lot of shit and I lost a few relationships on top of that. It was hard but in that time I learned on what I want and what I didn’t want. I’ll be trying to quit booze since there was a lot of times I relied on it. I’ve also been spending my free time gaming and in streams in between working and in turn made alot of friends and some enemies. I’ve joined a lot of awesome discords and left some toxic ones. Life has been a whirlwind. I plan on streaming on the weekends and writing and reading more books. I love Minecraft and Stardew Valley mods and recently loved the game Sunhaven. I’m trying to balance my love of books and games and it isn’t easy. I’m also trying to get myself out more and not be as antisocial. 2022 will be better then 2021 I hope!

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My New Avatar!

Hello dreamers, I’m proud to announce that on 11/30 I’m redebuting as Chibi Wolfie! I’m still the author, gamer, and catgirl you all love, but now CHIBI! I hope to see all of you there. #twitch #twitchstream #ENVTuber #Vtuber #VtuberEN #VTuberUprising

NanoWriMo is here!!

Vector Sketch Retro Typewriter

It is November 1st and National Novel Writing month is now here! And also 11 of my novels are being looked over so I can redo them and make them better. But this year I’ve decided to try it again with My Vampire Savior it will be fun to write since there is Discord and Twitch and streams in my books. I will have the main character as the Vampire Witch hybrid since they are fun to write. Life hasn’t been easy so I wanted to throw myself into writing again and try to make it a habit. You can’t edit a blank page! But it needs to get done so the best way to start is pick a view point whether it is first or third. Then pick a genre like something you read a lot or wanted to write. You don’t wanna write something you don’t enjoy this is for fun and to say you wrote a 50,000 words novel by the end. Write a little or as much as you want. Write everyday heck find out of you can write in the morning or at night. You can even write on your phone on the toilet. Use music or writing prompts to get inspired. Have a favorite drink near by when writing and if you finish a huge milestone drink to celebrate. Writing is not easy and if you think that then think again there are highs and lows. Some days will have you happy and feeling like you are on top of the world the other will have you crying in the shower wondering why you are even doing this shit in the first place. Outline or give a paragraph or 2 of stuff and then you might chuck it and it will go in a different direction like this book. Heck it even has cat shifters! I had no idea what would happen once I typed and it showed. Do a ritual to get in the mood heck it was hard for me to write romance since I was going through a break up and now that I found someone awesome way easier. Also read a shitload of books to learn plotting and books to help you describe stuff like emotions, scenery, do research if you are writing something in a different town or come from a different area. Fill out details like the characters and build their back story and structure it. Books like Emotion Thesurus will help heck any kind of thesaurus so your words wont get boring. Put on a favorite TV show or movie, read a good book, and do fun writing prompts but above all have fun since it reminds me why I started writing in the first place to be read and have fun!!

Why I love Ruth Chris and even made their appetizer of Escargot at home!

I’ve always loved escargot a lot and Ruth Chris a fancy steak house in Virginia that had them as an appetizer. I was hooked and kept coming there for that dish.
Of course it is a seasonal thing so I wanted to get my hands on snails to make it at home and I found them on Amazon! Of course there are cheaper places elsewhere too. But the can was worth it.

They have it here:

And we even ordered the baking dish. We found an awesome recipe and it took butter, garlic cloves, shallots and parsley. It was slathered on the snails on the bottom and top. All you need to do is once it is in a paste and loaded at the bottom then the top of the snail put it in the oven for 425 and bake them for 10 minutes and they came out yummy and tender. It tasted sooo good just like the ones we used to eat at Ruth Chris!

I love Ruth Chris since it is a place I go to for special occasions. They even have a yummy petite filet and it comes out well done. Some of the tastiest meat ever. So worth the price tag too!

I get this every time I go there since it is so good. It is some of the best steak I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to go back again.


Long Distance Relationship

I can say some of my relationships are long distance and some weren’t easy one of them ended since he said time a part when really it was a break up and the other couldn’t handle a relationship. Now I’m in another and it is easier. He is in the same time zone and country which is awesome. It is way easier since I can call him or text him whenever I’m not working. Communication is my first tip since it is important to be able to communicate if not then might as well not try. Next is plan a time to actually meet up since it is easier knowing you have a time set to see the person. Like dating someone who didn’t tell you an exact time or date to meet was the worst. Schedule time to call each other or video it helps you get through the day knowing you will talk to your favorite person. Trust is also a big tip you have to trust the person you are with or else why are you with them in the first place? Another is find something fun you both enjoying doing together like we play Stardew Valley, Minecraft and Star Wars the Old Republic. And another awesome thing about him is he is a streamer like me so I can stream with him and mod for him when not streaming. Keep things interesting and above all know that in the end it is worth it!!

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Sorry for the lack of posts last month was hard since it was my moms birthday which was hard. I have a 4 day weekend coming up so I wanna play more games like Star Wars the Old Republic and work on my books. I had to break away from a certain community since it was wrecking my health and was dealing with a break up. And family stuff I’ve also been adjusting to living with family. My books are being revamped so when it is posted I’ll let you know I’m also on Tiktok and Youtube posting game videos, alcohol and food reviews I also have a discord for my streams!

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Afterlife Blog Tour links!

I have been moving the past few weeks and I’ll be living with another family member. I was so busy for the move I only retweeted the tour stops for my Afterlife blog tour. Here are all the links all together!